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Without Relationship, Nothing Exists

Impact Relationship Seminars came about as the result of a number of years working with couples to strengthen their marriage relationships, and quickly took on the added flavor of providing solid tools for healthy relationship development through workshops, seminars, training opportunities and couple-to-couple coaching. Our mission is to help people make wise decisions BEFORE they get into unhealthy relationships and strengthen those who are already in a relationship to have a stronger one.



Professional athletes have coaches because they want to improve their skills, knowledge and abilities. Simply put, they want to continue to get better at what they do from one season to the next. But that’s only one reason to consider entering into a coaching relationship. For instance, you might be at a transition point in your home-life or your work-life and transition means “change”. Change often comes with hidden opportunities as well as unique challenges, and having the assistance of an objective coaching partner to help you navigate change is just what the doctor ordered.


You don’t have to be a celebrity or a millionaire athlete to experience the benefits of individual coaching available through IMPACT Relationship Coaching’s experienced coaches. For more information, contact us today and let’s explore the possibilities together!


Based on biblical principles, IMPACT Relationship Seminars and IMPACT Relationship Coaching are the natural result of several years of working with couples to strengthen their relationships by providing solid, practical tools for healthy relationship development through workshops, seminars, training opportunities and couple-to-couple coaching for both married and premarital couples.


  • Developed by John & Debbie Trombley, Relationships that Work: It’s all about communication is a premier 8-session workshop incorporating interactive discussion, teaching and group facilitation exercises focusing especially on communication and conflict resolution skills and strategies. Drawing on John’s 20+ years as an organization development consultant, what participants learn in this courseware is equally applicable at home and in the office.


  • In 2005, the Trombleys were certified to facilitate How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk(ette), a fun and insightful 5-session course created by Dr. John Van Epp. PhD (www.lovethinks.com) and have taught the course in large workshop settings and small group seminars.


  • Couple-to-couple marriage and premarital coaching is offered by appointment using the Prepare/Enrich assessment to establish the baseline of the couple’s relationship.


  • Debbie provides a woman-to-woman Life Coaching experience for women in every phase of life

  • John provides executive and managerial leadership coaching for both men and women who desire to learn and enhance leadership skills in the marketplace.




Everything revolves around relationship! We exist to help people make wise decisions before they get into unhealthy relationships and to strengthen the skills and abilities of people who are already in a healthy relationship.

Seriously dating?  Engaged?  Now is the time to prepare for the most important step you’ll take … Marriage!  Join us to learn about the many dynamics that are important to starting a positive and healthy life together.  Seating is limited so sign up right away! Questions?  

                         Upcoming Pre-marriage Seminar Information

                      April 3rd, Friday
                6 PM – 9 PM

                April 4th, Saturday

                 8:30 AM-Noon

                      John & Debbie Trombley’s
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                       RSVP: 701-793-6864

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When purchasing multiple tickets, please include the names of all attendees in the "Notes to Seller."


About Us

John & Debbie Trombley have been married for over 43 years and have 4 grown children, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Since 1993 their experience in marriage and family ministry has been centered on helping couples build solid marriages and helping to restore wounded relationships through seminars, workshops, weekend retreats and couple-to-couple marriage relationship coaching. For seven of those years they team-taught marriage courses, mentored and trained leadership teams, and conducted weekend seminars through 2=1 Marriage Ministries (formerly Marriage Ministries International). They also conducted the first beta-test group in the nation for a pre-marriage course with that ministry and went on to serve on a national training team for that course.

They both have a keen interest in building the local community and the Body of Christ through strengthening the marriage covenant.


"Sustain a family life for a long period of time and you can sustain success for a long period of time. First things first. If your life is in order you can do whatever you want." – NBA coach Pat Riley


Their passion for equipping ordinary people for extraordinary leadership is a talent that local churches covet as the Trombleys mentor and prepare couples with relationship development skills and a biblical foundation to minister to congregations and their communities. They have trained leadership couples for ministry to marriages throughout the region and provide scripture-based, by-appointment marriage coaching to couples seeking to strengthen their marriage, and pre-marital counseling to couples seeking to be married, using the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool as part of that process. Debbie also serves as a Life Coach and works one-on-one with women through Touchpoint Coaching